On Campus

Mr. Kris Hartley,

PhD Candidate, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore


At the Fulbright School, there were many events this summer. MPP6 students graduated, and the policy workshops were attended by MPP7 students for completing their theses in the Fall term. In the new academic year, MPP8 students, from nearly thirty provinces around the country, will be welcomed in the orientation session on 5/10/2015.


Commencement, MPP6 Class of 2015


Dr. Huynh The Du,
Academic Director, Fulbright Economics Teaching Program

Dr. Vuong Tan Duc,
University of Transport, Ho Chi Minh City 


Mr. Tran Dac Sinh,
Chairman of Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange

Public policy education and research for Vietnam

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