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The program seeks highly motivated professionals with real-world work experience who desire a public policy education with a focus on economics as part of their professional growth. It is designed primarily for government managers and policymakers. Students typically come from central and provincial government agencies, state enterprises, private business, banking and other financial institutions, as well as Vietnamese universities and research institutes.

Students quickly discover that their classmates are one of FETP's most valuable resources. Student interaction is an integral part of the one-year program experience and providing an environment conducive to this exchange is a core element of FETP's educational mission. Students learn from each other through sharing of experiences inside and outside the classroom, forging bonds which endure long after graduation. Oftentimes attending FETP provides students with their first opportunity to meet people with similar professional interests from other regions of Vietnam.

Master in Public Policy Program

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One-Year Program

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Public policy education and research for Vietnam

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